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Cortoformo was formed in 2015 with the aims of promoting creativity between the people of Castellón, Spain and gathering people with artistic interests to collaborate and combine their efforts. That way the people of Castellón can showcase their creative work locally and internationally and we can encourage the emergence of an alternative scene.

We want to focus on local issues from the daily lives of the people of Castellón; to construct different, even unique, visions of these issues using non-conventional audio-visual narratives.

The chosen themes of our pieces are about concepts related to the province of Castellón, Spain. For the first edition 2015-2016 we chose the orange trees. In this second edition we are choosing a concept more risky but equally connected to our land, which can not be ignored. This time the theme of our movie will be “Abandoned”.

Our region is full of abandoned places such as unused farmer’s old homes, bankrupted factories, housing blocks from the corruption of certain construction companies, deserted zones where building starting but it didn’t finished, public building in a ruined state…

From the other side we do not want to limit the concept of abandonment to physical spaces. Spain is one of the countries from the EU with more abandoned animals (137,000 each year according to “Fundación Affinity”). We should not forget that even some people suffer abandonment because they only have the minimal resources to survive.

The participant is motivated to play with the abandonment concept using people and animals too but we want that our participants use abandonment spaces at least in one of our scenes in our movies.
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We are a group of people from Castellón with different backgrounds, we decided to join forces to develop our art and create an audio-visual scene within the culture of Castellón. In the past we could not find 'our place' in this region of Spain so we had to emigrate in search of suitable places for our creations.

The years passed and we reflected upon the potential creativity of our land, with that came the strength we needed to give form to this project.

Pau Tormo

Trailers and Promtion

Poet Maudit, never managed to write a good sonnet. Some people affirm that he talks before thinking when he is through his third can. Some other says that he shuts up when he goes through the tenth can.

He never greets people when he meets them in the streets. That’s why he never wears glasses. He discovered cinema one day he was looking through the window. He got confused between reality and fiction. Skull lover, he used “tukeproduces” (what do you produce?): to his company in order to answer to critics asking for his own name...and you, what do you produce?

A lover of horror and falsehood, but never a lover of falsehood itself. He does not understand about boring fashion stuff so he thinks that barber shops are like the electronic cigarettes shops.

Now he is managing a rock bar, maybe tomorrow he will just be happy sitting down in a bench feeding the pigeons. How lovely are those pigeons!

Nacho Viedma

Post-production and Creativity

A frustrated hipster and haemophiliac acrobat. He dreams of an idyllic world the least similar to hell. Sometimes he uses his camera just because they ask him to, his true dream is to one day dance claqué in Crocs™ in some Broadway musical.

He collaborates and collects money for The National Association of Elderly with Tourette's Syndrome. He has an account with Instagram with 0 followers and the other day he tuned in to Radio 3 by accident. He does not have the formula to be popular that’s why he has started a crowdfunding campaign to help him in this difficult task.

He is prepared to grow a beard and have geometric tattoos just to fit in. He always lowers the toilet seat.

Nacho Badenes

Production and Communications

Ten years ago Nacho Badenes decided to graduate in Communication. He improves his studies with different courses and workshops of set design, assembly, video art and other cinematographic disciplines.

As an audiovisual creator, among other creations, he has made the short film "Parasites" , a psychological thriller shot in Castellón. He has also worked as a producer on various projects and is currently preparing his first documentary while writing an essay on Italian giallo, his favorite genre.

He is a cultural programmer for Sessió Contínua, a film forum project to make local and provincial audiovisual projects visible. This is a monthly meeting between the audience and the creators to share and discuss films, but above all, to enjoy and learn about the variety of audiovisual projects produced by local creators.

Clara Rodriguez

Graphic Design and Promotion

I always liked to draw ... I studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Castellon and then Fine Arts in Valencia. There wondering why we keep drawing terrible still lives and that ugly nude people. When I could I got into the interdisciplinary, photography, video, performance, installation without leaving the pencil and paint but all mixed and stirred ..

Then I became a fan of computers and photography that went along my explorer attitude. I worked in advertising for many companies where I was also introduced to the web design world.

So I happened to set up my own magazineagencia.com and that has become my way of working and lifestyle and I often escape from it to return to the scribbled landscapes of my subconscious.

Organization Collaborators

Lucio Celomundo

Production and Sound

Born in a hospital in La Plana. From childhood he was rewarded with carrots, he was educated amongst crickets and barking dogs hence his obsession with noise and in the search of it he moved to London at the beginning of this millennium. He makes portraits of skulls filled with flesh. Before going to sleep he relaxes with cassette recordings of applause.

In 2011 he tried to look for The Invisible Paradise. He is fond of reciting poetry under imaginary balconies. In 2012 gave birth, together with Bill Cargill, to Magnetic Giraffe.

In 2016 he got in contact with the Tenderness Traffickers. Resident since 2016 in Helsinki and studying new ways to tell stories to create mental serenades. Every night he dines on pesticides and chlorinated water. When he dies he wants to be transformed into a fluorescent skeleton for public use.

A gathering to film little pieces around a central theme in Castellón, using non-conventional narratives: experimental cinema, video art, video dance, animation...


We firmly believe in the talent of the residents of Castellón. We want to create opportunities for the artists of the area, who may need a push to realise their creations and ideas, based upon co-operation and teamwork.

The project consists of individual's ideas expressed through co-operation to form a bigger and (hopefully) greater artwork. It is always better to be together than separated; always better to co-operate than to compete.

Apart from the collaborative experience we want to give exposure to the work, merit and names of the participants, promoting a local audio-visual scene.

We believe that the intimate stories and what one knows or feels truly is better than speaking of faraway themes that follow imposed market trends, something very common in the more commercial/conventional cinema aimed at mass audiences. This is not a game show, there are no awards, there are no losers or winners.

This is not a game show, there are no awards, there are no losers or winners.


With the Cortoformo project we want to promote Castellón audiovisual culture. In this edition we want to use the concept of abandonment as a protagonist of the stories that will be told in a series of short-films. At the end of the project all the shorts will be compiled and then we will form a medium length/ long length feature cooperative film with all of them, this cooperative film will be shown in different spaces and places.

We want to form a group of filmmakers, musicians, actors, artists and audiovisual professionals from the region of Castellón to develop together an audiovisual project inspired in Castellón and the abandonment it suffers. We would also like to invite various artists, national and also international to promote the local culture from Castellón internationally.

We have chosen these theme, between a lot of them that we had to choose, because we thought that this is a side of our region that needs to improve.

We expect that these stories not only will show the negative side of the abandonment, but also that we will find find short-films where the positive side and that things can also change for the better. Really is true that we live surrounded by abandonment.
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TRAILER Naranjos

NARANJOS (Full Movie)

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