Anyone can be included in this big family. We believe that all people have talent. We want to join forces with anonymous and non-anonymous artists to give form to our goal: making co-operative cinema.

Our stories are very varied, our ideas are always evolving, we are eager to know your talents and try to make them form a piece of art. Share your inquisitiveness and interests with us, that will be the first step to collaborate and work as a team.

Here you will be able to find the collaborators that are being incorporated in the project Cortoformo. The database will serve as a contact form for participants and collaborators with a passion and the willingness for creating art in the region of Castellón.

Get information by sending an email to , we will tell you how to subscribe and be part of this new and ambitious project.


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Cortoformo was born in 2015 to promote the creativity of the people of Castellón, inviting anyone with an artistic attitude to collaborate and join our efforts...


C/ Maestro Chapí,
Núm 18 A, Entresuelo,
12001, Castellón