Lucio Celomundo

Sonido, música electronica, arte audiovisual, poesia, improvisación, psicologia, el universo, la imperfección


Born in a hospital in La Plana. From childhood he was rewarded with carrots, he was educated amongst crickets and barking dogs hence his obsession with noise and in the search of it he moved to London at the beginning of this millennium. He makes portraits of skulls filled with flesh. Before going to sleep he relaxes with cassette recordings of applause.

In 2011 he tried to look for The Invisible Paradise. He is fond of reciting poetry under imaginary balconies. In 2012 gave birth, together with Bill Cargill, to Magnetic Giraffe.

In 2016 he got in contact with the Tenderness Traffickers. Resident since 2016 in Helsinki and studying new ways to tell stories to create mental serenades. Every night he dines on pesticides and chlorinated water. When he dies he wants to be transformed into a fluorescent skeleton for public use.

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